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Absence Reporting

In the event of your child being absent, parents are asked to let the school know before 9am on every day of absence.  A message can be left on our dedicated absence line when you telephone (choose Option 1 and wait for both beeps before recording your message). The school will contact families when no message is received.  This ensures that the school has no cases of unauthorised absence and that children cannot play truant.

Please ensure that your child is fully recovered before sending them back to school as they will be unable to work well if they feel ill. 

Please let us know if your child picks up impetigo, head lice etc.  In this way, all parents can be warned to be on the lookout and stop the spread of infection.  If your child becomes unwell while at school, you will be contacted so as you can take your child home.  It is most important that your contact information is therefore kept up to date so please let the office know of any changes.  In the event of an accident or illness which requires emergency treatment, a senior staff member will take the child to hospital while the school office contacts you.  A member of staff will stay with your child until you arrive at hospital.

Medicines in school

If your child has medicine which needs to be taken at regular intervals, parents must complete a form from the school office. All medicine is kept in our office area, not classrooms. Only the office staff or Headteacher can administer medicine.  The Headteacher has the right to ask parents to administer the medicine if necessary.

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