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Staying Safe

Safety first...always!

We are concerned for the Health and Safety of our children when coming to and from school. We take the following measures to reduce risk:

  • No child is allowed to walk to or from school without an adult.
  • Parents are not allowed to bring cars into the staff car park and are requested to park cars with due consideration for the children, other road users and local residents either along Queensway, Brantwood Rise or over at the shops.  Walking to school is strongly encouraged.

The only times when parents can use the staff car park are:

  • If you have been to the Headteacher in advance about a disability which means you need to use the car park;
  • Picking up your child if they are going home sick;
  • Attending an appointment with a member of staff or other professional on the school site during the day.
  • Children are not permitted to cycle to school.  The roads are very busy, and there is no safe access to bike sheds on the school premises.  Children in Year 6 have an opportunity to take the cycling proficiency test before they transfer to secondary school.  If parents use bikes they need to dismount while on the school site.
  • In order to safeguard your child, no child will be released from school during school hours unless we have been notified by parents in writing or in person.  Please tell the school office and class teacher.  Parents should collect their child from the school office and not directly from the classroom.  If someone else will be collecting your child at the end of the school day, please let the teacher or the office know at the start of the day.
  • If children need to be sent home ill during the school day, an adult needs to collect them as we cannot release poorly children of any age to walk home by themselves.
  • We have had electric gates put on the site in July 2010 to ensure the children are as safe as possible and all doors to the blocks have key pads to prevent strangers from entering the site.

​Please click on the link below for further information regarding important safeguarding updates regarding mobile phones and cameras on the school site.

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