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Extra Curriculum Clubs


All clubs will begin the week commencing 16th September. We are going to be running a huge variety of clubs and activities for all age groups. If your child would like to attend any clubs please complete the form which should have come home to you via your child at the start of term. Parents are asked to complete one booking form for all clubs, which is coordinated via the school office.The teachers will then complete the form to return to you which states which clubs your child has a place for. Our experience tells us that the younger children find after school clubs quite tricky as they are often tired. Therefore you will see from the timetable that most KS1 clubs are at lunchtime instead. Clubs in italic print have a charge attached to them as they are run by external organisations.

In order to adhere to safeguarding procedures as well as allowing clubs to happen without distraction, parents will no longer be able to wait on the school field with other siblings while a club is in progress, therefore we ask that all families leave the school premises promptly at the end of the school day. If you need to wait on site for a child to finish a club at 4pm then please wait on the grass area outside reception. Thank you for your cooperation.




  1. Clubs Term 1 and 2 2019-20 final