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Justice week (1st - 5th March 2021)

Justice Week (1st - 5th March 2021)

As part of Justice Week, the children in Years 2 to 6 took part in The Big Legal Lesson as part of their PSHE learning. During this lesson, the children focused on the rule of law and thought about why rules and laws are important in the society we live in.

The children in Year 2 explored the book ‘We are all born free’ and discussed the idea that everybody has the right to feel safe, happy and protected.  In Years 3 and 4, the children thought about the similarities and differences between rules and laws and also how they are created. In their lessons, they thought about who has the ability to create and change laws. The children in Upper Key Stage 2 learnt about how and why laws are enforced. Year 6 explored how laws are created through bills and discussed the idea of what a world without laws would be like. They thought about 4 laws in particular, such as The Education Act (1944) and discussed why they are so important and help us to feel safe, valued and protected.

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