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Year 6 - Live Science Workshop

During our live online lesson, we were introduced to the Linnean Society Museum and studied the findings of Carl Linneaus. In addition, we looked at his classification chart, which included five columns and described various different species of vertebrates. Moreover, there was an additional sixth column consisting of unknown species which could not be classified due to the fact that they had not been sighted. They included animals such as the unicorn, phoenix and hydra. Surprisingly, previous scientists thought that the Kangaroo would belong in the unknown column as they were confused by their pouches, though they later realised that it gave birth to live young and therefore was a mammal.

Later in the lesson, we had the privilege to look inside a vaulted room which contained Charles Darwin’s books and Alfred Wallace’s papers. Only certain people were permitted inside to ensure there was no spread of bookworms or other pests which could damage the historical papers. Due to the fact that bats have wings, they were originally classified as aves (birds), although now they are proved to be mammals because of their warm blood. We learnt that during the Victorian revolution, certain moths thrived more than others as trees were covered in soot and were not their usual plain colour. In the lesson, we created our own species to fit into the unknown section of the Linneaus system. Finally, we added special adaptions to them to suit their environment and diet.

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