• "Rise to the challenge, to be the best I can be"

Most Able Children

We recognise that some children have a general all round ability or more specific ability beyond the large majority of their age group.  We aim to identify these children as early as possible.

Through implementation of our Policy for Most Able Children, we aim to ensure that all children who have gifts or talents in any area of ability are encouraged to develop these to the full.  We offer children opportunities through themed week activities to develop their interest and skills and in lessons differentiation allows opportunities to explore different ways of learning. We keep a 'Most Able and Talented' register, and parents whose children are on the register are informed annually.  Their additional provision is outlined to parents and monitored closely by our Co-ordinator for Most Able Pupils.

We take part in Banbury Partnership events for Gifted and Talented children such as story writing and sports workshop, maths and science days.

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