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Our Curriculum

At Queensway, we follow the new National Curriculum.  We believe in making our curriculum as interesting as possible to engage children in their learning and we adapt it to meet individual children's needs.  We believe in a cross curricular approach where children can make links between the different areas of learning as well as learning the essential reading, writing and maths skills they will need.

Our English curriculum incorporates talk for writing where there is an emphasis on oral retelling of both stories and non-fiction genres with teachers providing high quality modelled writing to help children acquire confidence and the skills they need to adapt their writing for different purposes and audiences.  We value and promote reading and all children are encouraged to read for pleasure both at school and home.  Our spelling provision follows the national guidance with an emphasis on phonics.  

In Maths, the children develop their understanding of key mathematical concepts and calculation skills as well as developing their understanding of measures, shape, space, and data handling. We encourage children to use different apparatus they need to develop their understanding.

At Queensway School we follow a Maths mastery approach.

What is Maths Mastery?

> A high level of performance for all

> Keeping the class working together whilst addressing the needs for all pupils to master the curriculum and for some to gain greater depth and proficiency

> A mind-set - All children can achieve with good teaching, appropriate resources, effort and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

> The manner in which the curriculum is designed, focusing on fewer topics in depth, repetition and application. All pupils have access to the ideas and concepts

> Deep and sustainable learning – for all Depth is the key to avoiding the need to repeat teaching. It doesn’t feel like we’re starting again each term.

  1. Promoting British Values in Curriculum revised March 2019
  2. Queensway Long Term Curriculum Plan 2019-2020