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Emergency Closures

We will aim to keep the school open unless staffing is so short that it would not be safe or weather warnings suggest that to do so would risk pupils and staff being stranded or placed at unreasonable risk. The same procedure will also apply if the heating has broken down or another emergency affects staffing or premises.

Once a decision has been made that the school will be closed, you will receive a text message. A message will also be recorded on our telephone answer message and we will put a message on the website. This will be done as soon as possible once a decision has been made to close the school. Please avoid calling the school direct as it is unlikely there will be any staff manning the telephones. You can also listen to local radio where school closures are announced during the breakfast shows on BBC Radio Oxford (95.2FM), Heart FM (102.6 or 97.4FM), Glide (107.9FM), Banbury Sound (107.6FM) and Jack FM (106.8FM). You can also check the County Council website (www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/schoolclosures) where there will be a list of school closures.