• "Rise to the challenge, to be the best I can be"

A message from Mrs Hollidge - July 2014

My Year 6 class - 2013/14

"There are so many incredible moments that I would like to capture this year and many of them are milestone moments of first times and light builbs!  There are so many children in the class who have worked with such focus and determination and it has been an absolute privilege for us to work alongside them.  

I asked the children what they would like me to speak about and a real highlight for them was our production and I must admit that was a very proud moment for us as they did amazingly well in a very short space of time.  The other thing that they mentioned were the moments when we laughed and laughed.  We work hard in year 6 but belive me, we have had lots of laughing this year....LOTS!

So Year 6, we hope that you will keep up the hard work and continue the great things that you have started at Queensway. You will be missed by many in the school.  Thank you for making our job so much easier by being so determined to achieve your best."

Mrs Hollidge and Mrs Campbell