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Parent Teachers Association

What is the PTA?

The PTA is an organisation of parents, who along with staff from the school, encourage closer links between the school and home.  The good news is you are all members of the PTA automatically.  It is best known for their fundraising work, but has a useful social function too.  We have two purposes of equal importance.  Firstly, we raise money to help fund activities and equipment that the school isn’t able to fund from its normal budget.  Secondly, we also provide social opportunities and fun activities for us all to enjoy together, helping to promote the family and community atmosphere that is so important to our children’s experience of school.  The PTA’s committee and Mrs Horbury-Jakeman will decide on how this money is spent.

Chair - Helen Smith

Secretary – Jennie Healy

Treasurer – Rachel Steiger

Committee Members – Kirsty Wallis, Natalie Lella, Sarah Gretton, Fiona Minney, Tracey Thomas, Kayleigh Targett, Katherine Rodgers, Kate N, Marta Kepska, Rachael Page

Event Volunteer - If you don’t feel able to commit to being a class rep, but would like to help out please fill in the attached slip with your details and send into the school office who can forward onto the PTA.

Our next meeting: Thursday 7th November 7:00pm

Our next AGM: Tuesday 17th September 6:30pm

Our next event: Christmas Event - Wednesday 4th December 3:05pm

Future Event: Disco for Years 2-6 - Wednesday 18th December (pm)                                                   
  1. Minutes of Meeting - 11th September 2018
  2. Minutes of Meeting - 6th November 2018
  3. Minutes of Meeting - 22nd January 2019
  4. Minutes of Meeting - 5th March 2019
  5. Minutes of Meeting - 30th April 2019
  6. Minutes of Meeting - 11th June 2019
  7. PTA picnic 2019 Raffle Thank You Letter