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Thank you Connells!

Thank you to Stewart Caldwell Smith and Connells Estate Agency for their very generous donation which enabled Queensway to purchase a large quantity of fabric needed to make an additional 30 nativity costumes this year, as pupil numbers continue to grow.  Staff, family and friends pitched in with the sewing to ensure that all Key Stage 1 children enjoyed the chance to dress up and act the part.  The nativity play 'It's a Baby' was performed in front of parents, family, staff and Queensway pupils and all the children showed great enthusiasm with their songs and lines.  Some budding actors and actresses in the making!

Connells are well known in the town and have two branches, overseen by Stewart.  Please feel free to call him if you are thinking of moving house.  Thank you Connells for your kind donation, it was very much appreciated.

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