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Consultation for two form entry

Due to the exceptional demand for primary school places in Banbury in 2012, Queensway agreed to admit an extra class of Foundation Stage pupils.  Another 'bulge' class is expected in September 2013.  Oxfordshire County Council, supported by our Headteacher and Governing Body, wish to increase our pupil admission number from 30 to 60 from September 2014.  If, following the statutory consultation process, it is decided to permanently change the admission number to 60, there will be a need for extra classroom spaces to ensure sufficient accommodation for the extra pupils is available.  The county council will undertake a feasibility study in partnership with the Headteacher and governors, to look carefully at the school site and buildings to see how additional classrooms and other accommodation might be provided.

You can respond in several ways to this consultation:

  • Collect the Consultation proposal document from school and return the Response Form at the back of the document and send by FREEPOST to Oxfordshire County Council.
  • Respond online at http://myconsultatoins.oxfordshire.gov.uk
  • Email your response to queensway2013-manager@myconsultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk

‚ÄčThe deadline for responses is 27th May 2013.