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Queensway shoots off to Space

On Wednesday, October 7th, Years 4, 5 and 6 were thrilled with an amazing space talk in the hall, given by Mike Grocott from the Space Academy at Banbury.  He shared some very interesting facts about life for astronauts in space and some of the important jobs they have to do when they are up in the space station.


His talk was mainly about raising awareness around the fact that astronaut Tim Peake will be the first British man to enter space in December this year and schools will be given the opportunity to take part in some of the research that he will complete.


We were all impressed by the scientific knowledge shared by a few members of each class.  Jacob in Year 5 knew that water was made from hydrogen and oxygen!  William in Year 4 knew that it was Sir Isaac Newton who started thinking about the force of gravity.  Max in Year 6 was aware that in space we grow taller!


To finish his presentation, Mike made a comet before our eyes using some kitchen ingredients and a sprinkling or two of liquid nitrogen! The whole hall gasped as the vapour tumbled out of his mixing bowl!


As a result of this event, a science competition has been launched!

Watch this space!!


Mrs Thomas

  1. Children enjoying a talk
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